«Kazgeokart» republican state treasury enterprise
«Kazgeokart» republican state treasury enterprise


The «Kazgeokart» republican state treasury enterprise of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the land resources management was created in 2000 by the decree of resolution of the Republic of Kazakhstan (№794 25/05/2000 y.), by means of uniting of: Almaty enterprise of engineer-geodesic researches «Izhgeodesia», treasury enterprise «scientific-production enterprise of cartographic and geoinformatic systems (Cartinform SPE)», treasury enterprise of Talgar cartographic-geodesic enterprise «Talgargeodesia» and Taldykorgan cartographic-geodesic enterprise «Taldykorgangeodesia».
«Kazgeokart» RSTE is law successor of the Kazakh aerogeodesic enterprise №6 (the USSR №6 MDGC USSR), founded in 1947 year for creating of topographic-geodesic and cartographic production for Kazakhstan. Experience of producing of this production made in enterprise during more than half of century until nowadays, keeping the best traditions of Kazakh aerogeodesic enterprise, has a modern technical base and the newest technologies, experienced establishment personal, which let faster and qualitatively product ordered production.

For the first time in the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Kazgeokart» RSTE carried out the job on delimination and demarcation of the state border to Peoples Republic of China, comes to end demarcational jobs to Republic of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
Engineer-technical personal of the enterprise, which carry out field and cameral jobs has a special education in the sphere of geodesy.

The main tasks of the «Kazgeokart» RSTE is complex field research for delimitation and demarcation of the state border of the republic of Kazakhstan with definite states, carrying out of the topographic-geodesic and cartographic jobs at the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, also producing of cartographic-geodesic jobs for the definition of law status of the Caspian sea.
Currently demarcation of the longest border of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Russian Federation is being carried out, demarcation of the state border at high mountain districts of the Kyrgyz Republic is also being carried out.

Enterprise during the fourth decade, since 1967 year, let the geodesic measurement (linear -angular and high-fidelity) on geodynamic polygons. Definition of the coordinates and linear measurements is carried out by GPS satellite systems.

«Kazgeokart» RSTE carried out some of the big projects, they are: «Building of the Koksaray counter regulator at the Syrdaria r. of the Southern-Kazakhstan oblast, topographically-geodesic jobs for the projecting of defense of Astana city from flooding by water of the Esil river and water regulating dam on the Esil river in Astana city, jobs on creating of the electronic digital cards of the high voltage lines ВЛ-500 kW «Almaty-Bishkek», «Bishkek-Zhambyl», «Zhambyl-Shymkent», «Shymkent-Tashkent», «Akadyr-Zhezkazghan», «Akadyr-Nura», «Nura-Ekibastuz» for necessarities of the «KEGOC» and a number of other jobs.

Professional staff of employees of the «Kazgeocart» RSTE consists of 153 person, including15 honorable geodesists, we should highlight the following:
•    Director – Amanov B. A. who rewarded with Medal «Ерен еңбегі үшін»;
•    Jubilee medal due to the 10th anniversary of the Constitution;
•    Diploma of Merit of the RK Agency on land resources management due to the Independence Day of the RK,
•    decoration «an honorable geodesist of the Republic of Kazakhstan»;
•    Main engineer – Timenko P. G. merited with Diploma of Merit of the RK Agency, diploma of merit of the MFA of the RK on delimitation.
«Kazgeocart» RSTE is ready to carry out any topographic-geodesic and cartographic orders in any region of the Republic of Kazakhstan in reasonable time and with the guarantee of quality.

Latest update 10.07.2009