Mining Institute After D. A. Kunaev
Mining Institute After D. A. Kunaev


Since the date of its foundation, the Institute paid much attention to the newness of developments, it has 958 author's certificates, 33 Russian patents, 11 patents and 2 innovation patents of Kazakhstan, 11 intellectual property certificates.

The Institute is the leading organization for implementation of the republican target scientific and technical as well as the state fundamental scientific and research programs in the field of mining; is the general designer of a number of large mining companies of Kazakhstan.

At present time the qualification level of the Institute is determined by: 1 member of the Academy, 2 members of the Academy of Mineral Resources, 1 full member of the International Academy of Information, 1 corresponding member of the Academy of Mineral Resources, 25 doctors (out of which 16 are professors) and 30 candidates of sciences, experienced designers in the field of the underground and open mining. The total number of the Institute’s employees is 250.

During the last 5 years the Institute has organized 6 International scientific and practical conferences including 4 conferences which were held on the basis of the large mining companies: JSC «Kostanai minerals», (Jitikara, 2003, 2005), JSC «SSGPO», (Rudnyi, 2004), JSC TNC «Kazchrome», (Hromtau, 2007).  Specialists from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, India and Poland took part in the conference.

During the last years a number of employees was awarded with the governmental and departmental rewards: title of honor «Kazakhstannyn  enbek sinirgen kayratkeri»  (doctor of the technical sciences A. M. Tkachenko), order «Kurmet» (the member of Academy Sh. A. Altaev), medal «Eren enbegi ushin» (doctor of the technical sciences G.A. Prokushev), Diploma of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 4, «Honored employee of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan» - 1, breastplates of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce RK «Kenshi danki» - 19, the Ministry of Education and Science RK “For achievements in development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan” - 4 employees.

The first winner of the premium after K. I. Satpaev became the head of the laboratory of mining pressure, candidate of the technical sciences Nugmanov K. H. (1989, cycle of works “Integrated Study and Development of Mineral Resources of Jezkazgan Ore Region”).

During various years the premiums after K. I. Satpaev were given to: doctor of the technical sciences Kaliev S. A., Borschagovskii A.I., 1999; the member of the National Academy of Sciences RK Rogov E. I., 1993; doctors of the technical sciences Bukeihanov D. G., Ermekov T. M., Petrovich S. I., 1996; doctor of the technical sciences Galiev S. J., doctor of the technical sciences Buktukov N. S., candidate of the technical sciences Ahmedov D. Sh., 2003.

In 2005 Bektybaev A. D., doctor of the technical sciences, was awarded with the premium and gold medal of U. Djoldasbekov, member of the Academy. In 2008, according to the results of the competition “Development of the Theoretical Basis of the Methods of Control of Completeness and Efficiency of Extraction of Mineral Resources At the Operation of Ore Fields” he gained the premium and the medal of the Union of Scientists of Kazakhstan.

Acknowledgement of the contribution of the Institute’s scientists in the development of the mining and mining science is the fact that many of them were awarded with the title of the winner of Lenin’s prize - candidate of the technical sciences Bereza V.G., doctor of the technical Musin A.Ch., candidate of the technical Djakupbaev A.N. (1961, System of forced block caving); State premium of USSR – doctor of the technical sciences Sharipov V.Sh. (1971, Technology of mining of mineral resources with the application of self-propelled equipment); Premiums of the Council of Ministers of KazSSR – doctor of the technical sciences Bolgojin Sh.A.-G., candidate of the technical sciences Klinovickii F.I. (1986, Development and implementation of mining methods of methane at the coal mines of Karaganda basin); Isakov V.A., Cunvaza H.Yu., Basibekov B.S., Shestoperov Ya.V., Prokushev G.A., Haliullin N.S. (1989, Development and implementation of the system of sublevel caving with flexible metal and wood-cable covering and application of self-propelled equipment in the condition of Leninabad, Celinnyi mining and chemical plants, Belogorskiy ore mining and processing enterprise and Bakyrchikskiy ore pit); premiums of the Cabinet Council KazSSR - Aldambergenov U.A., Satybaldin O.B., Kalmykov S.I. i Ahmet-Galiev E.S. (1991, Development, implementation of ore mining technology with backfilling and preliminary strengthening of adjoining rocks ensuring mining safety and completeness of reserves extraction); Altaev Sh.A., Jalgasuly N., Spataev A.N., Kadyrsizov N. (1991. Development of polymer compositions, means, technologies ensuring the enhancement of labor productivity and safety and reduction of the cost of the product).

For more than 50 years the Institute issues proceedings “Scientific and Technical Provision of Mining Production”, which form a part of the scientific issues recommended for publication of the main results of the doctoral theses.