Galiev Seitgali Joldasovich
Galiev Seitgali Joldasovich


Galiev Seitgali Joldasovich is a leading scientist in the field of technology of automated planning and control at open mining operations. He is the founder of the scientific and practical direction related to the development of the automated corporate control system of geotechnological complex at open mines.

Galiev Seitgali Joldasovich is:

  • Chairman of Dissertation Council at the Institute;
  • Member of Scientific and Technical Council NS KPMS RK;
  • Chairman of editorial collegiate of the Institute’s publications; 
  • Member of editorial collegiate of magazines, such as “Industry of Kazakhstan”, “Mining magazine of Kazakhstan” and “Mining and geology magazine”.

For merits in scientific and social activity Galiev Seitgali Joldasovich has been awarded with:

  • 2008 - Diploma of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • 2008 - elected to be the full member of the Academy of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Academy of Information;
  • 2007 - award after the member of Academy of Sciences Sh. Esenov;
  • 2003-  breastplate of the Ministry of Education and Science RK “For Development of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.